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August 16, 2008


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Hi Jarvis. I think you are brave. Your scar is healing really well but it must have hurt when you fell looking for the peanut butter. Were you scared?

I wonder what that caterpillar is planning to change into someday?


Aunty Jesse thinks that caterpillar is disgusting an when she saw the picture, she covered her mouth so she wouldn't scream!!!
I hope you didn't touch it!!!
love you


Holy smokes! That is the biggest caterpillar I have ever seen! I think that caterpillar could take Simon for a ride. Did you keep him? Did you put him in a jar and show your Dad? Did you give him a name? What kind of caterpillar is that? I have never, never, never seen a caterpillar that BIG! If I saw a caterpillar that big I would call Poppa to come and save me, but you must be very brave. So maybe I would call you to come and save me instead. I love you, Arlis.

mary lou

The caterpillar is huge!! Catherine showed me how to talk to you on your blog so I will start doing that instead of emailing you through your Dad. I hope your scar heals quickly - it looks sore!! Ouch!! Did you have fun at the summer camps? I miss you. Love, Mary Lou


That's a mighty large scrape there Jarv! I hope you enjoyed the peanut butter :)
Love you lots

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