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February 22, 2006


Jerry & Maxy

Swatch with a buckle - nice. And what yummy little baby feet all warm in her swanky socks.


Those socks get me every time, they're just too cute. I'm impressed you got little feet to stay still long enogh to take the photo.I really like the belt, but if you don't think it will get any use it might adapt well to a bag strap or something.


Why are baby feet so cute? Those socks are adorable. I'm impressed your child is actually wearing them. Mine won't keep socks on unless there are shoes over them.


Gorgeous socks :) Unfortunately mine aren't babies anymore. I'll just have to wait for grandchildren - lol


Did a little hand reach out and rip the sock off immediately after taking this photo like the last time? So cute. :)I think Rain had a great suggestion with using it as a bag strap. How cool would that be? It'd go great with the bag I'm felting this weekend.


that was just mean!! how could you post a teaser picture with baby feet yet no baby???don't you know that your family gathers round the puter every morn to see if you would post even one picture of the kids???can't you just line them up once? come on....


It would make a cute bag handle, but it's not very long, just long enough to wrap around a skinny 9 year old's waist. Hmmm.... I'll have to think about it.Mamma and Turtlegirl, yes she did rip the socks off right after I put the camera down. I had her older sister distract her while I took the pictures.


What a beautiful blog! I found you from Knit and Tonic. Love the baby socks and also the tutorial! I'll have to give that a shot next time I come across the need for FO surgery, thanks!


Those are the cutest little feet! I mean, socks!

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