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February 07, 2006



Oh man..sorry about the headache, I get those too... and that crappy wasted feeling the next daughters spinning is beautiful! I'm very impressed.and, BTW, the dog in The Never Ending Story always freaked my kids out - all of them, they still talk about it!


Hope you're feeling better.Kaelen's yarn is fantastic. It's really good for a first go. You're very lucky to have your own spinner on hand.


Your daughter's handspun is awesome! You're going to have some very special potholders :o)


Wow - I'm impressed! I haven't even tried spinning yet (I'm a bit intimidated) and I'm 29!Glad to hear you're better today. I've lived with migraines since I was 5 and know how awful they can be.

Jerry & Maxy

Yikes, migraines are awful! I'm glad you're feeling better, albeit hungover. Kaelen's handspun is AMAZING!!! Those will be the best potholders ever!The brown is a lovely color too. Can't wait to see Gigi.


I hate that "after effect" headache you get after a migraine. I feel your pain.That yarn your daughter spun is wonderful. I agree it is the fairest yarn of all.

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