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February 18, 2006


Jerry & Maxy

Glory, you just cut off the ribbing!!!?? There must be a way that you cut it so you can then pick up the stitches andd knit on, right? Very clever!And Stariel is so smart.


Wow, how did you cut that???


*Gasp*Scissors near knitting make me nervous.I hope you don't have too much downward knitting to do. You must be impatient to finish it now you know it fits so well.Ha ha, still picturing your husband in 3/4 length sleeves. The orphaned look is never good


Scissors near my knitting strikes fear in my very soul. You are so brave to just cut your ribbing off. And you're going to do it again? Can we get a step by step pictorial?


Oh, brave girl for *cutting* her knitting. I have to do this on a sweater I made a while back. I originally thought my Hopeful sweater would be cute in a cropped length, but with the waist shaping, it's just plain annoying when it rides up, so snip snip snip! I'll wait to see how it goes for you before trying anything drastic.Also, I do highly recommend alternating skeins in your Manos sweater. I'm making a sweater for my DF in Malabrigo (slightly different yarn, but same general hand-dyed problems) and the color variations are a nightmare.


I can't believe you said it so nonchalantly: "So I cut off the ribbing . . ." like this is an everyday activity. Ack! I would faint dead away. I'd much rather take the loads of time to pull out the cast on (probably a foolish endeavor, if cutting works!). You're so brave!

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