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November 29, 2006



great reuse of the yarn! i agree that it doesn't look like it needs buttons--lucky that you didn't put holes in. sorry fiona doesn't like miss dashwood.

Sharon in Ireland

Fiona looks very cute. The sweater turned out well and what a lovely story to tell your new baby.


That hat is just too cute. I wonder if I could bribe my own little "flower" to wear one. I doubt it but it'd be worth the knit just in case.


If she only knew how cute she is in that hat - she'd never take if off!


I didn't put any buttons on my placket either - I like it just as is! The yarn looks great and the color is beautiful!!!Cute hat! Love the frilly edge!


Awww. Little Fiona looks so sweet in her bonnet! Too bad the yarn isn't a winner. And I have to say, the Cashmerino Aran sure does pill fast! My Fetchings look like I've had them for years, not weeks!


aw, if I have a girl can I have one of everything?? I know we've never met but I love your sister too! And if your ever in the mood to knit Martina something up..or me.. (handwarmers..mmm) ok I'll stop asking you to do things for me! Love your work!


those are both lovely! i love the miss dashwood hat. you are churning out the finished objects at quite a rate!


It's ADORABLE and she looks fantastic in it.


she's so cute!!! too bad she doesn't love the hat 'cause it's adorable.great reuse of yarn!


Fiona is so adorable! She looks like she loves this hat! Fab job on the hat too! Thanks for the mod. info on it too! I hate to weave in ends!The sweater, I agree can work with no buttons! Great recycling and very sentimental. Nice work! :)


Fiona looks like a flower, and you have the photo to prove it, even if she never wears the darn hat again! :0)Love the sweater - Cashmerino is sooo lovely!

HPNY Knits

what a cutie patootie! the baby and the hat!:-)


Adorable hat! Very sweet and charming. And the sweater is great! I love that pattern, such a simple knit and always look good.


I have the biggest smile on my face right now. Thanks Miss lovley Dashwood. That's fanstastic you were able to reuse the yarn to knit this gorgeous plum sweater!


The hat looks too cute on her! At least you were able to get pics before she yanked it off.The sweater turned out beautiful, I'd have never known the yarn was recycled, looks good as new! (though I can't figure out what is so funny about it...) :)


That hat is absolutely adorable! I love the color and the frills..:)

Auntie Amanda

I have always loved that little bonnet, and your little one is so very cute in it! How great that the placket sweater has twice the love in the stitches!


Fiona looks absolutely adorable in her hat. What did you use as bribe? :-) And it's great you got re-use the yarn for the sweater!


Miss Fiona is adorable! So sweet. And I love the placket neck sweater sans buttons. That color is beautiful.


Okay, I MUST know why Peter snickers at that sweater. It's just a sweater! And a cute one! How cool that you recycled the yarn -- did you pull the pills off as you went, or just knit them right in?And of course Mrs. Dashwood is darling. I have loved that pattern since I first saw it.


Aw bless, she looks adorable in it.I love the sweater, it's a gorgeous colour. I love DB Cashmerino too, it's good that you got to use it twice.


The Miss Dashwood is adorable on Fiona, even if she hates it. I had the same thought about the buttons as well--once the flaps came off, I think you could kiss the hat goodbye :)I love the placket sweater. I can't stop making those, so quick and satisfying. I think yours looks lovely button-free.

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