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November 24, 2006



What a sweet hat. I love that pattern. I wonder if I'll get to it before Amelie is too big? As for mittens for babies, I think that thumbless ones would be both easiest and most practical for littlest munchkins. Like this for babies, but this would be easy and cute for a toddler.


Cute hat! And yes, your child has rubber face! That's such a funny (yet adorable) picture. Something to show to the prom date in, oh, 15-16 years!


Nice job on the hat! Cute model ;)Your rubber faced child is too cute! :)


Aww, he looks just like daddy!

Jerry & Maxy

The hat is both jaunty and sweet. Much like that little man :)


The Pea Pod hat is awesome, Areli! I've always seen the sweater around, and never spent a lot of time looking at the hat, but it's so sweet!I understand what you're saying about the lack of finished stuff, I've been feeling that, too. :0)


Very cute hat and kid! That's a priceless photo:)


What did your rubber face child do to his rubber shoulder?


Jarvis always makes me smile.The hat is adorable, this is going to be one very well dressed baby.For mittens I'd go for the thumbless kind, they're much easier to put on and keep on. I'd go for a string too or safety pin them to sleeves so they can't escape.


Heehee...that's quite a change from the demure little angle wearing a tutu and pouring over a book. :) He's hilarious! I need to make a pair of toddler mittens soon for the fiance's niece...I'm hoping to find a general pattern in the Ann Budd Handy Book of Patterns. I'll let you know if that turns up anything!

LadyLungDoc that helps out!

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