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January 08, 2007



I think that it's beautiful! Really different to other baby blankets I've seen! I love thi syarn, I have a skein of this colour waiting for a project!

Sharon in Ireland

Happy Birthday to the pre-teen. Her picture is very pretty and as for the pic of Jarvis - it's brilliant, he definitely livens things up. I'm sure the new baby will be very happy to be wrapped up in your knitted love.


Happy Birthday to your pre-teen! She's so pretty!The lil'guy modeling the blanket is cute too! The blanket is lovely! Looks soft from here! :)

Jerry & Maxy

Happy happy birthday, Kaelen! Enjoy your tweener years.Such a pretty blanket, Areli.


Happy birthday to a young lady who looks fun to be with! I remember turning 10. It is a milestone indeed.Your FOs always look like a photo shoot in a magazine. Children and knits alike. :-)


I love the ruffles on the blanket, what a nice touch!


The blanket is beautiful - perfect receiving-blanket size. It will be treasured, I'm sure.Happy Birthday Kaelen!


Happy Birthday to the beautiful birthday tween!Your baby blanket is beautiful. You're going to have one styling baby!


Happy Birthday Kaelen!! Double digits! Woo-Hoo!The blanket looks so snuggly. Again, I've told you before, but I'll say it again, I LOVE Blue Sky Cotton.


Happy birthday to your bona fide pre-teen! Ten is a great age to be.That picture of Jarvis made me laugh out loud. Great blanket, with or without him cracking me up.


Happy Birthday to Kaelen. The baby blanket is wonderfully accessorised by Jarvis who makes it look like you could have great fun with it.


Love, love, love the baby blanket!!! Happy Birthday to your daughter! Cute pictures, all of them!


Happy Birthday, Kaelen! Yahoooo!


Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! And the blanket is beautiful in that


I'm finally getting caught up on my blog reading! I love the baby blanket, especially the ruffle edge. And Jarvis is such a ham! What a great model.Happy Birthday to Kaelen! She's lovely.


Kaelen is just such a beautiful girl! She reminds me of one of my young 16 yr old sisters (they're twins....big gap in age between them and myself) which I like. I love the baby blanket and it's little friend. Did you use the Blue Sky Alpaca it called for?


Noooooooooooooo. You cut off the cherubim curls! The blanket is lovely and a great colour, so much more practical than pastels.Happy Birthday Kaelen, she's quite the young woman and sounds wonderful.

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