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October 16, 2007



Wow it looks great!


The CPH looks great. Love the color. Perhaps your head isnt fat, you just might have a lot of hair.


I like this hoodie and the colour.


Beautiful! Mine's been a WIP for so long, and no end in sight with the new babe! I'm jealous...


Lovely colorway! Great price too! Looks good and a bummer about the hood, all that work too. Well at least it looks good on. One day I'll start mine...after the holidays I hope!


It's beautiful! What a great knit! Looks like a perfect sweater to wear out to the playground or a walk around the block, or heck, bbq in the back yard. I think I need a CPH...


Beee-utiful. Love the yarn and the color and all your comments here. You're inspiring me to knit some cables!

You wanna join me in a big head group? I think I measure around 23".


that is beautiful! what a perfect cold weather sweater!


Gorgeous sweater!!!
Aren't the Briggs and Little heathered colors beautiful? There is nothing like that yarn for durability (I have a 30 yo B&L Heritage pullover that I wear every winter and it looks as good as the day I made it!)and warmth (all that fleecy oil and hay make it extra toasty) I hope you are still wearing yours in 2037!


It turned out so fantastic!! I love your choice of buttons too. I think my hood fits, but I never actually use it, it's more for decoration anyway. Isn't it the perfect thing to throw on to run out when it's chilly? Very nice job!!


Beautiful!!! Love the color and the buttons... I've never done a short row shoulder before but it sounds very interesting.


I love the blue tweedy color. It looks so warm and comfy. I can see why it is your fav knit.


Now that's a great hoodie! Congrats!

Fiber Chic

Very stylish! It looks so perfect, I wouldn't have known it was handknit if you hadn't told me!


very nice - I love the heathered blue color!


A fantastic knit, and at a bargain no less! I really like this color and the size seems to fit you perfectly. Nice work!


Gotta have room for that talented brain!

It looks FABULOUS! Love the choice of buttons for it too.


Very nice job! I love the color!

hpny knits

its wonderful! I love the tweedy blueness of it. great fit too! I always figure the hood is for decoration only. I never wear hoods, unless is -20ยบ and its my down coat.


Beautiful knitting and a great color! Your sweaters are amazing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)


Looks great, and smart mods, too!


You CPH looks great. The yarn is perfect for it, lovely flecks and variegations. My sympathies about the hood. We have a similar problem with big heads in our family (except for my daughter).


That's a beautiful cardigan, a perfect fit! Well done!


Oh I love it! The colors in the yarn are so pretty.


So lovely! I don't blame you for choosing this as your favorite project ever. The B&L, the color, the size you chose, everything came together perfectly for you! Do you have any feedback about the sizing? I read that a lot of people found the CPH ran small and that they knit larger sizes than they normally would. Enjoy!


Maybe your melon is growing because your waistline is shrinking. The excess has to go somewhere. Or maybe homeschooling is causing an increase in brainal capacity. Or maybe all the nasty retorts and snide remarks that you want to make to dh and offspring are being stored up for a release to come at a later date... the possibilities are endless and limited only by our imagination. Yes well... love your sweater... looks great on you and I think the cables are really nifty. I can attest to the warmth (I got to model it) and the itchiness. But, for the Coast, it would probably do for a winter jacket.

Christy/ Not Hip

It looks great. Such the perfect fall/winter amount of coziness. Oh, and I come from a big headed family myself, so I know the feeling.


Hoods are just design elements -- they're not meant to be functional. (That's what you can tell yourself anyway.)

I bet the hoodie gets softer and softer with years of wear. And in the meantime, it definitely looks great!

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