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October 30, 2007



eek! you steeked! sorry I just had to do that but steeks really sound scary :)


I love the colors! And steeks? Wow, you're impressive. I'm still scared of them.


wow Steeks! I am in awe. Beautiful cozy. Noro is a special kind of crack isn't it.


I like it! Noro does color so well.

Now, if we could get Noro sock yarn...I'd be in big trouble!


Congrats on trying steeking. It's a lot less scary once you just do it (like many things in life, I suppose!)

Fiber Chic

The colors look great! He'll love it!


What a creative idea- and steeks! My goodness. Someday I'll get there (sigh). I am so amazed at how much you a learning for someone who hasn't been knitting that long. It is very inspiring! I CAN do it.


So cute! And what a great way to attempt steeking that's not on a full sweater. I'll have to keep that in mind.


Much improved over the modular knitting one. I really love the colors!! It's very 'male'.


A tea cozy as a first-steeks pattern is genius! I may have to keep that in mind.

hpny knits

you ARE a brave woman! its lovely. very perfect for a grandpa.

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