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November 13, 2007


Fiber Chic

Brava, Kaeleen! Good job for you!


Congratulations to Kaelen! The socks look cosy and warm, just the right thing for the coming winter.


Your daughter is soooo talented to knit socks. I never started until I was in my late 30's. They look great and I really like the red.


Wow! Toe-up even! I didn't realize that! Kaelen is a fearless knitter! (We're a rare but exotic species of knitter you know). They look great! Congrats, Kaelen!


They're such pretty red socks, Kaelen, way to go!


I am impressed! I made my first socks last year, when I was 29. I wish I had of learned to knit sooner.


How great to have your own knitting buddy at home with you! I like red socks :)


Great job on them Kaelen!!


Yay, Kaelen! How much fun to have a knitting buddy right there. She's learning so quickly...must be genetic!

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