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November 22, 2007



I think your post is somewhat funny, until you started talking about yarn. Not that I dislike yarn (half my paycheck goes towards it) but some of your language is 'yarn snobish'. Like, what's a bsj? Cascade 220? Norso? I just got all confused. I like the rest though.


Cashew doesn't sit either! I think she can, I just don't push it because I'm going for that whole "she can get there herself" thing. She's officially crawling as of 3 days ago, but is still only half sitting. I put her in a high chair the other day and lo and behold, she sat just fine and thought it was fun. But she won't push herself up, she too, would rather crawl...usually chasing after the cats. :-)

Fiber Chic

Will be waiting in suspense for what you're doing with your yarn leftovers--especially since they look mostly to be blue (my favorite color!)


:) love the fact that he can sit if there is food involved....I laughed out loud when I read that! two sweaters! wow!


It looks like Simon's too busy to sit still. There will be lots of sitting later in his life! ;o)
You are so lucky to have kids you can knit the BSJ for! And now I'm wondering what you'll come up with with your left over yarns. Hm.


Food is the ultimate motivation for little ones :) Well, that and new toys.

Glad you found a use for your leftovers and can't wait to see what you came up with :)

I may be one of the few people who haven't knitted the Baby Surprise Jacket, though I want to some time.


Elise is 8 mos and sitting fine, but still not crawling... and showing no signs of doing so soon. I left the computer for a minute and my husband read your post. "Her baby has been crawling since 6 mos?! I am going to teach Elise to crawl today." I looked up exercises to encourage her, but she will have nothing to do with it. Oh well.

I have been wanting to make the BSJ for a while. I think that will be my next project.


Yarn... and sitting up without help! Yaaaay!


Glad Simon is sitting up! Congrats on getting 2 FOs done - very awesome :)


I love that he sits for food. That's hilarious... and adorable!


What a great story! Lilah didn't bother crawling until she *really* wanted to go after one of the cats. As with adults, it's all about motivation :)

I love the blues. What are you up to?


Hope all is well.
Still in suspense about your random leftovers project...

Happy knitting-

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