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December 29, 2007



You know, pictures of babies are cute and all, but Jarvis is adorable with his questions, his acting, and wishes. He reminds me very much of my son when he was his age. Girl, you are doing a GREAT job with your kids, and I'm loving reading about it!

Fiber Chic

Funny, he looks exactly like my little brother when he was five--and it sounds like he acts like him, too!
The BSJ looks great-I simply HAVE to get that pattern, and soon!


Once again, another wonderful Surprise Jacket. Great photos. I think he may end up being in the drama club when he gets older :)

Those dolls are so cute! What a great project idea.


Oh Jarvis is wonderful at conversation! And he looks so cute in his surprise jacket! Of course the cap adds the perfect touch :)


You don't like it?! You're kidding! It looks wonderful!


I like your baby surprise jacket! I might knit one of those, too.

Happy new year!


Hee hee, I think you have a budding thespian on your hands.

While I will say that I think I like the colors in Simon's jacket the best, I do think this one has a great, rugged, rustic look that doesn't look hobo-like at all. And hey, if Jarvis loves it, what more can you ask for?

The "bombs grow from bullets" story is adorable and hilarious.

Happy new year!


Ha ha, he's quite the little actor. I really like this version, the colours give it a very rustic feel and Jarvis obviously loves it.

Happy New Year to you all.


Fabulous jacket, though I have to agree, that jaunty little hat does add a certain hobo-esque air to the outfit. But never fear, that's what all the celebrities will be wearing in 2008, darling, your son is part of the fashion avant garde, not to mention quite the little actor himself!

Happy New Year!


So very cute! The sweater and the "sad" model!


Oh, he is SO cute! Love the jacket. Happy New Year!


Another success! Fiona's looked great too. This looks like a stash buster - with the stripes you did for Fiona. Love it!


What a little cutie! It's so sweet that he likes his jacket. I still haven't made one of these, but your series has made me want to dig up the pattern.


I love the first photo! :) Jarvis is absolutely adorable, as usual. I really like the look of the jacket. The color shifts in the noro really suits the pattern. I love waldorf dolls. It'll be so much fun to see your and Jarvis' version.

Christy / Not Hip

I meant to comment on this earlier...I love the hobo jacket look, so great!


What size needles did you use?

Theresa Gart

I loved the way this sweater turned out. I also have a five year old and he wants me to make it. Today, I purchased the Silver Thaw now I just need to know what size needles you used.

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