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December 19, 2007



Love Simon's hat! Hubby's sock looks good, love that colorway. Hehe..Fiona is a, she might be getting ready to be a model with that pose ;)


Love the hat! The kids are such cuties. The sock looks awesome - can't wait to see the finished product :)

Did I mention I love the hat?


Hey I knit those socks, they are fun and comfy and quick! Simon is so cute in his hat, no wonder you got the compliments. Fiona makes me happy. And didn't you know holding your arms up holds you steady :)


Cute hat - amazing what leftovers can do! It does look like a hand dyed variegated yarn! Glad you were productive - I feel so much better when I have accomplished things!


Love the Simon picture, but today I like Fiona even more. Isn't she the cutest, you you never know how the mind of the little ones works. :o)
The Peter socks looks great too, sometimes it's fun to have a project that doesn't take forever.
The Vogue models are so thin, I don't even want to look at them. I never knit anything from them, the projects are so extreme, but sometimes, I see something from their projects in different colors, and it looks a lot nicer. Don't know about this winter issue.


The hat is darling. No wonder you get so many comments on it. Fiona is quite the ham!


I LOVE Fiona's picture!
The hat is scrumptious in all those wonderful blues - I can see why everyone loved it! I've had the Log Cabin socks sticky noted for a year....gotta make them!

Fiber Chic

Fiona looks adorable, and so does the hat!

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