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December 18, 2007



The jacket is adorable!


That is probably the cutest Baby Surprise jacket I have seen. Thanks for showing a modeled pic! It's rare to actually see it on a baby and it looks fantastic! Definitely on my 'to knit' list. And yo, I think it is amazing that you home school. I feel stretched thin with one kiddo, I can't even imagine how you get any knitting done at all! You go, Mamma!

Fiber Chic

I love the color combo, and it looks great on him!


I don't know what's cuter. The jacket or the model! Ok, I do know. It's the model. But the jacket is cute too!


He is such a beautiful little man! He's getting SO big, I have yet to knit a BSJ, I've done a Tomten, but I think the BSJ would be perfect for 1+ year olds, the shorter sleeves don't get in the way of playtime!


The baby jacket is adorable, no wonder you keep making them. I too feel tired out but it is just the end of school activities that is rushing about everywhere. I hope you find some nice time to relax over the xmas break.


oh he's sp cute in his gorgeous little jacket! Just think of the calories you are burning at this hectic time...I remeberber it well!


They're both adorable. The colors are great, I love that simple combo!


Hang in there - there will come a time when routine is, well, routine! Sounds like you are starting to get it under control. The jacket is so cute. One of my favorite color combos of all time!!!


Cute sweater! Looks like the sleeves are almost too short already...I've never seen a baby with such long arms and big hands. That's a Grandma comment I can get away with, but no one else is allowed. I love his look of resigned patience (perhaps because he can't get off the stool???). When do we get to see Fiona's? Arlis


I know what you're saying about feeling stretched thin. And I only have the two kids! But, like I always try to remember when things seem too fast and you're always trying to catch up, just slow down a minute. Really, it sounds stupid. But I just like to take a couple minutes for cuddling (if I'm allowed) and kissing and tickling. Before we know it, they'll be all big. Mwah!

And that is a lovely surprise jacket. I will remember brown and blue for my next one, because it is supremely charming.


Oh my goodness, he couldn't be cuter in his beautiful, manly sweater. I am knitting one right now for a friend for the first time, but I did notice that the arms seem short and squat. It is my first EZ sweater. I wish I knew how to alter it like that. I love the visible seaming, too. Nice job.


The BSJ is adorable, and so is Simon wearing it. And look - he's sitting beautifully! :o)
I don't envy you right now. We all love our kids, but the age yours are in right now, I have no idea how you get anything done on the knitting front! :o)
All the best to you and your family!


Cute model!! Love that jacket too! Nice job! :)


I think brown and blue is one of the best color combinations ever. Simon is so sweet! I think we're all going through that "spread too thin" thing right now; isn't it ironic that the time of the year that's supposed to be most festive and joyful and full of fun and love is often the most stressful for us? Especially with the four sweeties and homeschooling, you are one busy chica. I have to keep reminding myself that in a blink of an eye I'll be nostalgic for this time of my life... not easy in the moment... :)

Silver Ilix

What a fabulous little knit! Great colours! I have a friend who is preggers, maybe I can make one of these little guys for her! Soooo cute on Simon!
Hope things calm a bit for you!


Cute little guy, and cute BSJ! I feel stretched thin with one baby, so I can't even imagine how you accomplish so much with four! And you don't send them off to school during the day, either. Amazing!


how adorable! and i love the color combo...."chocqua"


Gosh, when did your gorgeous boy get so big? I've been thinking of him as a babe in arms still.


ADORABLE! I love it!

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