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February 25, 2008



Way to step up, Kaelen! What a great cake! And, happy birthday to Simon.

Hope you're feeling better!


I remember reading his birth story on your blog. Has it been a year already? WOW!


Aw, Kaelen is such a sweetie, what a great birthday cake! It's so awesome when we see our big kids start to get... big, you know? :0) Happy Birthday to Simon!


Happy Birthday Simon. And Kaelen, was a sweet doll.


Oh my gosh, Kaelen is such a darling. Happy birthday, Simon! Isn't the first year crazy? From a baby to a little person in such a short time.


Wow. It's been a year already? My how time flies! Happy Birthday Simon!


Awww Happy Birthday Simon, hard to believe it's been a year! Tell Mommy I hope she feels better soon and tell Kaelen she did a good job on your cake! :)


Wow! He's so big! Happy Birthday Simon! Ah, this year is flying by!


Time really is flying by quickly! Kaelen made a fantastic cake, I bet she learned from the best. Happy Birthday to Simon!!


Oh my, I can't believe it's been a year already! Happy Birthday! And great job on the cake, Simon is so lucky to have a big sis like her!


Happy birthday to Simon! Kaelen sounds like such an incredible girl. Yummy cake too!


The cake looks wonderful and how sweet that his big sister made it all by herself. A master chef in the making. They look so cute together, and Happy 1st Birthday too.


Happy Birthday Simon! Elise turns one in a little over a month, I can't believe how times flies. Are you sad he is your last? I know I get 3 for sure, but I am really gonna have to fight to get #4 out of my hubby. The pic of Kaelen holding him is the sweetest- and it kills me she is making a sweater for her baby brother! What a precious and sweet family you have!


Beautiful cake. Beautiful kids.


Glad you are well again. Your daughter is someone you can be proud of, so helpful and grown up at this young age. Lovely. I love your pictures as usual, they are great, and the expressions in your kids faces are adorable! Happy Birthday to Simon!


Happy Birthday, sweet boy! So lovely of big sis to make a cake for her wee brother. You are so blessed!

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