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February 27, 2008



You can do it, Areli! :0) I had one month like that, too - I finished the pair the evening of the last day!

Very nice knitting, Kaelen - I'm impressed at how even the finished fabric is. Love the new yarn, I just spent some time at the Sweet Sheep, doing some imaginary shopping myself. I sometimes find it hard not to checkout, but I resisted.


Love the stripes - the color combination is wonderful!


Those are pretty colors- I bet it knits up beautifully. Kaelen is really talented! I like those stripes! Good luck with the sock, its a short month but you have that extra day this year ;-)


Oh that sweater is going to be so cute! Nice knitting there! Yummy yarn for sure! Hey, you aren't alone in the hurry up and finish knitting socks for SAM5! hehe


The sweater is going to be so cute! Way to go Kaelen! Can't wait to see it finished.


Love the colors/stripes in the sweater Kaelen (who's knitting skills are awesome) is making.

Love the yarn! In real life, I am not much of a pink person, but in yarn for some reason I love shades of pink.


Oh, that yarn is gorgeous. Kaelen is really quite the knitter!

I love virtual shopping. Fill up the cart and then leave :) I do it with clothes sometimes, too.


What a talented young woman you've got there. She'll be needing a blog of her own at this rate!

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