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March 29, 2008



PeeWee loves the blankets I made her, she now uses them to snuggle her dolls and animals. I love seeing them so well used!


Awww, it's the highest compliment to a knitted item when it becomes worn and pilly from all the love the recipient puts upon it. Simon is such a cutie.


Those pictures are so gorgeous, what a beautiful kid. Funny how they attach to things you would never expect.


Oh, how darling! What a sweetheart. I have had no luck getting Lilah attached to anything. Maybe I need to pull out the ugly baby blanket I made for her and stashed away...

Fiber Chic

Awww. Simon looks so cute! Have fun camping!


I've been reading and enjoying your posts, but I didn't have time to stop and comment. I love your pictures of course. Simon is soooo cute how he's sucking on his fingers, those two must taste especially good. :o)
That's the best compliment you can get, for him to love his blanky, never mind the pilling!


Oh, blankie! What a cute picture. That's what I call appreciation.


awwww - how sweet! sometimes the simplest things are the most comforting.


What an incredibly pensive looking toddler. He looks like he has the cares of the world on his shoulders. Or else he needs a nap. Who can explain babies and their securities? At least its not a dirty, mungy, disgusting Mr. Bear. Arlis


Too cute! We have nearly the exact same story, but now after two years, the pills have all been picked odd.

hpny knits


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