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March 31, 2008



Those came out great! The Louet sportweight always is a stretch to get it to knit a pair of drives me nuts!


Isn't is funny that you finished it "on the road" and it is from the book "on the road".

I enjoy your blog and your recent photos of Simon are just precious.



Those are beautiful! I'm using Louet Gems for the first time, and I utterly love the stitch definition and soft squishiness. I bet those are every bit as soft and comfy as they're pretty.

I now have this image of you standing next to a burning van, calmly kitchenering your second sock, with other motorists slowing down to watch the spectacle.


on FIRE?

I'm glad you guys are all ok! I don't know if I'd be able to knit right after my car caught on fire, but nice sockies :).


Ooh, I love the socks! Gorgeous color, well-matched to the pattern.

The van caught FIRE???? As in...FIRE???? Geez, I'm glad you're okay, and I hope the van is, too. Glad you got some knitting time out of it, though :)

Silver Ilix

OMG the van caught fire!!! I hope all is well and the van can be fixed!

I do want to say that I love those socks, I know that my mother has that book.... I really should borrow it for a bit!


Yikes about the van! Glad you are all ok. Very nice socks! 1 skein of yarn?? Wow!


Wow, terribly scary about the van, but I'm glad you got the socks done! I would never have guessed one one skein of Louet sportweight, with all that fancy-ness. Beautiful work!


OK, I'm totally impressed you knit while camping!!! And in a van that caught fire? A devoted knitter. I hope the repairs aren't too bad!

I love every pattern in that book but esp the Whitbys! You make me want to revisit the pattern!


Hi there, these socks are amazing. I found your blog through Jane's Aprons and it's just lovely.
I live in Yorkshire, England, and Whitby is a fishing port on the East Coast of Yorkshire. The 'Whitby' socks are exactly what the fishermen will need out on the north sea!! There is a webcam in Whitby so you could have a look!
I am an amateur knitter and crochet-er (is that a word?) and find myself buying more and making more plans to make things than actually doing anything.
We did our first camp last October and I took some crocheting - I can do flowers really, and that's it! We have a van too - an old '73 VW campervan. Touch wood, she hasn't set on fire yet. The opposite infact - as she's watercooled as opposed to aircooled (I have no idea what I am talking about), she freezes up at the moment!!
Anyway, thanks for sharing your talents.


Beautiful socks!

Your van caught fire? Ack! Glad everyone is OK (aside from the van).


I love that your van caught on fire and you're still so positive! The socks are beautiful, too.

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