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April 14, 2008



Great boobs!


HAHAHA my first thought was "Is she pregnant again?"

The tit bits are very nice looking!


My mind went there! :-)


those are funny! I thought they were hats!


Hehe..that was my first thought too, does she need the midwife ;) Nice job on them, they will be a great help!


Haha! My mind totally went there. Since I'm not ready for another one yet, I get all excited about other people's.

Awesome boobies!


Those are so funny! I think they would make a great hat for a still nursing baby..oops I mean toddler :P


Yeah, my mind went there, too, but then, I have a good excuse, right? Hope all is well with you all there.

The lactation consultant here uses these, too. Oh, and a big knitted uterus for showing how a baby is born. We were looking at them at our SnB at Starbucks the other day - talk about getting some funny looks! :0)


Boobie Blog, Boobie Blog!!

Can't wait to see what you've been up to (yeah, I think we all thought the same thing, lol)


These posts are great and the comments are hilarious. Looking forward to knowing what's got you so busy!


Those are pretty neat. What does the midwife need to explain? Or is it just so she can have something to touch and point to without making people feel weird?

Silver Ilix

LOL, I totally did too! For a split second, right after reading the "good reason" I did think that maybe you were expecting again! LOL I am such a girl! LOL.
Good call!

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