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April 18, 2008



Oh, lovely sweater (well, part of a sweater). The wool is really nice with the pattern. I hope you end up loving it with no ripping required.

As a friend's 2-year-old told me while playing in a puddle on a rainy afternoon, "Car in mud! Car in mud! Hahaha!" Dirt and sticks are always a crowd-pleaser.


I'll be watching to see how your top down progress goes. I've been considering this jacket too and would love not having to do it in pieces.


the sweater is looking great so far. funny how sometimes even with huge, bulky yarn, sweaters take just as long! my pups agree - sticks and dirt are the best!


Hi Areli. It sounds so exciting, you're moving! Yah, I've also decided not to stash anymore because the stashing method doesn't work too well for me. So I'll have to knit up my yarn, which is going to take some time since my knitting is so slow now :) Oh well, to quote Mr Incredible from the Incredibles movie, 'we'll get there when we get there' - one of my son's fave lines :) Take care, Areli!

Fiber Chic

Oh so sweet!


Who knew sticks and dirt could be so good? I've got 6 littles that coulda told ya that! LOL!

Cute pics, enjoy the moving, and all that bulky knitting-

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