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April 15, 2008



Love the hat - could you do a skinny scarf with the leftovers? Good luck with the move.


The very best moving vibes your way! I hope you adore your new home and that everything goes smoothly.

Excellent hat!


Wow! New Brunswick is um, where? I wish you all the best with the move!


Wow, Areli! How exciting! What an amazing adventure you guys are headed on, I pray for blessings all the way. :0)

Great hat, too!


Love the hat on your head! I think the color suits you, not bold at all!
Oh, moving, that's horrible, I hate moving, and all what comes with it. I hope you'll get through it in one piece! Best wishes!


The hat is great!

And here I was thinking- I am so glad someone is willing to share a mess in the background... Good luck with the move! Sounds exciting


I love the color of your Urchin and think it's lovely for you. As for the move, I'm sad that we live just a few hours away from one another and never did meet before you move so far away! This is life, esp. with little ones to spend our time with... good luck with the packing and the moving! I'm sure your children will miraculously become well dressed and well behaved at all times in your new place. :)


Cute hat! Wishing you the best with moving and stuff! Hang in there! :)


Love the hat! It has just the right amount of sass :)
Good luck with the move!

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