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Pointy Kitty

Pointy Kitty

Well, here she is all finished. What a sweet pattern. My oldest daughter has already claimed her, although I've asked that she stay upstairs for a little while to inspire me before she is dragged down to the dungeon. Ahem, I mean my daughter's room.

I'm sure everyone has seen this sweet little kitty made up already, but now it's my turn :-) The pattern is a free one from Wee Wonderfuls.

I am pleased with my kitty, the only thing is, I didn't have wool felt to use for the stripes. I just used fabric, and sewed it on with embroidery thread, it's a bit clumsy but whatever. And I wish I had used a darker fabric for the stripes, but I didn't have one that matched, makes me want a slightly bigger fabric stash to work from, but I am sure that will be remedied with time.