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Berry Knee-Highs

Berry Knee-Highs

These are toe up kneehighs, knit in Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sport Mixed Berries. 2 skeins. I used a figure eight cast on and a short row heel. Knit until I needed some room for my calves, increased about 14 times, than decreased about 8 times and went down a needle size for the ribbing. Ribbing is 3 inches and for binding off I used a K2togtbl, slip stitch back to left needle, K2togtbl.

Does anyone know an official, shorter name for this bind off, because the one I've been using is quite a mouthfull!

The only change I would have made is I should have decreased around the ankles, they are a bit baggy. I will do that next time. I am really enjoying these socks, especially because June has been wet and gloomy for going on 3 weeks now. Where is the sunshine? I am having to turn on the heat at night, and I've never had to do that before during summer.