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Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag

I just finished up this Shoulder Bag. This is the first thing I have made that is absolutedly perfect! I love the fabric, the colors, the shape and style of this bag. I love the button. Everytime I walk past it hanging on my chair I smile and when I took it out shopping I felt so happy and young, without a care in the world. Pretty wonderful when a simple bag can do that for you.

The bag was made from Tiny Happy's Shoulder Bag Tutorial. I first spied it on Smoking Hot Needle's blog, where I fell deeply in love and dug out my sewing machine, and bought a table to set it on. Then of course I spent all my money on a bunch of new fabric all because I was so inspired by this bag. I have been thinking I should make another one, but this one is perfect. Do I need more perfection or shall I just be satisfied with this little bit of bliss?