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Central Park Hoodie

Central Park Hoodie

I knit this in Briggs and Little Heritage, the color is their Anniversary Twist. This Hoodie was very economical, $15.50. The yarn was 1.50 a skein when I bought 2 other Briggs and Little yarns, and the buttons were 5.50. The yarn is rough, definitely not for next to the skin, but so far there has been no signs at all of pilling, this is one hard wearing sweater. I don't prefer the rougher yarn, but it's great for a jacket.

Mods: I short rowed the shoulders and did a 3-needle bind off. This is such a great way to seam the shoulders, I will be using this from now on. Also, I carried the cable up the hood and grafted the hood together and I knitted the button band in one piece. All these ideas were helped along greatly by all the tips from the knitalong. I can't imagine knitting without the internets, how would I ever figure things out.

One complaint, the hood is too small for my fat head. I think I have been in denial about my actual head size for a long time, every single hat I've made has been too small and now this hood is too small. I am making a commitment to measure the actual size of my melon and make head coverings that fit!