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I fell in love with this pattern after I saw Aquaknits knit it up. I already had the pattern book, Littleknits had the yarn on sale, so I scooped some up and got knitting. Then somewhere along the line, I stalled out, the lure of new patterns, the boredom of seaming, procrastination on buying a zipper all getting in the way of finishing. But, finally I've gotten my act together and can show off a finished Hudson.

The pattern is from Noro Knits by Jane Ellison, the yarn is Big Kureyon and I used 6 skeins for the size small. Didn't worry about how the striping would work out, just let the Noro do its thing. I modified the pattern a bit, added more stitches at the beginning to give my hips room and decreased as I moved towards my bust. Fit is pretty good, a tad bigger than I was going for. I'm finding the yarn really soft and cozy. Not sure why, I think regular Kureyon is kind of scratchy, but this stuff seems softer to me. A very cozy jacket.