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February 21, 2006



wow! I'm impressed too. You should start a knitting show, you could be rich!


Thank you sister, dear, for your vote of confidence, but I have a lot and more to learn :-)


You make it look so easy! Thanks for the tutorial. I'll have to try it sometime. Now to figure out how to get the toddlers out of the room.


Thanks for the tutorial. I found it informative and entertaining. Also happened to be perfect timing since I need to do this to a sweater I'm not wearing because it's too short.


Wow, very cool. And proof you do swatches too!


Excellent! Funny because I just had to do something similar to my sweater in progress!


Good tutorial, baby, it's nice to see all those years of private school haven't gone to waste. Thanks for not blogging our swatching fiasco.


Oh my. I nearly had a heart attack. Good thing my daughter was in the other room while I did.


very clear instructions, super pictures!(and just what I need, in order to know how to extend the kid jumpers I am going to make for my ds, 2 years old)


Great information, thanks! I am going to try it on a swatch sometime soon....


Wow, that's a great tutorial. Thanks for showing us that scissors CAN be your knitting friend...


Very nice! I've linked to this in my blog post on the same topic.


Thanks!! You make it seem simple.


Holy Mother of God. You've got some balls! (And I mean that in the best possible way!)


thanks a bunch for this tutorial, I recently took scissors to my sweater in which I made the sleeves a skoosh too long and then too short! This really helped me be a little more om' scientific about it.


Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have to cut a sweater because I did not realize it was a provisional cast on edge - I have been so scared and reading this I *think* I can do it! Of course mine is with KSH and in rib so may the force be with me ;) THANK YOU FOR THIS!

Nora (Black Dog Knits)

Thank u, thank u, thank u...


Areli, I'm with your sister! I was holding my breath until I saw the last picture! LOL Good Lord, you got guts, girl! It's true - you never stop learning. Thanks so much for this stunning tutorial. Jo-Anne

Auntie Chris

So I saw your mom and sister the other night and asked how u were and much to my surprise I learn you are dipping toes in a different ocean. Ironic that it takes such a move to finally get a hold of you. I'm a firm believer in better late than never. Your family is beautiful just as you are!
I love your site and have booked marked it as favorite. Knitting is a passion of mine as well. In fact I'm accepted at the University craft fair with my hand knit and felted bags. This is my first year and I'm getting lots of great comments. Hopefully I will sell enough for a new gitaur. My true passion!
I started by felting a bogo bag. It wasn't quite what I was after so I made my own pattern and have since sold some, gave a few gifts and have 20 ready almost for the show. I'll figure out how to send you some pictures.
Did I ever tell you one of my most treasure pictures is of you on your wedding day? I will send you that as well before the end of the year (I promise)
I want you to know that even though so much time has gone by and life is busy (and full) I do think of you often. I think of all you kids often.

All my love to you always,
Auntie Chris PS: there is always a ps in my letters,
I hope to "talk at you soon". It seems that
by the end of a busy day in the world of
retail, I communicate by email with most
people. I find it a good way to visit
with out leaving home.

Kathy Keller

My daughter sent me wool for New Zealand. I was so excited to have it, it still smelled like sheep!!! I made a sweater and it was to short. Thank you so much for showing me how to lenthen it. now i will beable to ware it.

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