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February 08, 2006



It's gorgeous! I really like the yarn. Sounds like you're enjoying wearing it too.


i love it! you should put it on Jarvis and then put it on the blog...not that you arent gorgeous!


I've worked with Menos too and it's such a to die for yarn. Have you considered using it for something other than a scarf? I used 15 needles on mine which made a good open quality, but it'd be interesting to see it as a sweater or something...

Jerry & Maxy

Manos is divine, and so is your scarf! The colourway is stunning - and it looks good on you - at least with your mouth :) Have fun knitting with Mom, how special to have knitting in common.

Kaitie Tee

I love your scarf! I made one for a friend and ever since have wanted to make one for myself. As soon as my co-op yarn arrives, I will cast on one of these scarves. Enjoy wearing it!


That's beautiful! Such lovely color and texture.


The colors on your scarf are just gorgeous, and the pattern shows them off perfectly. I hope you'll get lots of wear from it!


So pretty! I need to get cracking on mine. It's really an afterthought project for me, but mainly because I have it on wood needles that make it a wee bit slow. Maybe I'll change to metal and that'll speed things up a bit. You're looks so very pretty!


The scarf looks great! Love the colors.


Wow- love the Manos scarf. Can't go wrong with Manos, and it looks so pretty knit in that pattern! I'm glad you have a chance to wear it - here I am knitting up a thick wool scarf, and it's 90 degrees out, and has been for about a week now..... I think winter forgot us.


Lovely scarf. I've been thinking to get some Manos too. I saw it in one of our LYS recently and felt in love with it.


I think I made that scarf in the exact same colorway! Yours looks great.

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