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December 23, 2007



She is so precious with her cheeks and little combed bob! Of course the jacket is great too. I like that it is a little feminine, but not so girly. Good color choices.


Oh Fiona, what a big girl you are becoming! Look at those sweet cheeks. And your mama made the coolest jacket for you... it will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe just perfectly. Merry Christmas!


She's such a cutie! It warms my heart to see how she's smiling because of her kitty shoes. Have a very merry Christmas!


i LOVE the jacket! great colors! for the first time after seeing MANY, i finally want to add the BSJ to my queue! Fiona is adorable!


She is such a sweet little girl and so happy too. Those kitty shoes must be an absolute favourite, but what little girl doesnt love pretty shoes. The BSJ looks fantastic, and the colors look great together too. I hope your family has a lovely Christmas and a wonderful 2008!


Ahhh she's a cutie!! Love the BSJ! One day I'll venture into knitting one...


Ahhh she's a cutie!! Love the BSJ! One day I'll venture into knitting one...


love it, love it, love it, love it crazy.
What a beautiful girl wearing it.


Happy Holidays!!! That jacket is adorable - the purple really pops against the dark brown!

hpny knits

lovely stash busting projects all around. I can't imagine a "quiet" xmas with the kids (even as I only have the one...)- but enjoy!

Fiber Chic

She looks simply adorable!


that's so cute! Merry xmas Areli!


She's so cute!

And I love the jacket. Your choice of colors is fantastic, the purple really glows against the darker colors.


Cute Fiona! Cute BSJ! I love that you were able to use yarn you didn't like to make something you love. That's like knitting magic :)


Hey...cute kid! Takes after her mother although Fiona's cheeks are alot chubbier. Sweater's cute although it looks alot different than when you were knitting it at my house (more defined and less variegated). I like Simon's hat. Of course he makes anything look good. Arlis


That looks amazing! Great done!


Oh wow that's really pretty. I love the colours in it. I bet the smile really is for the jacket, she's just teasing you!


You're amazing! I couldn't even knit my little one a scarf this winter. I ended up crocheting one tiny one! Would you like to do a swap? I'll photograph your family in return for a Surprise jacket for Hannah? I'm thinking when this place looks greener and warmer, I'll give you all a photo shoot! What do you think?

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