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January 06, 2008



I love my knitpicks options...I have also got all the sizes, just in case you know!! Thanks for directing me to that I really need some more yarn?


And here I am, trying not to add to my yarn stash for another 11 months! Must...resist...temptation...

I love Knit Picks needles :)


What shade of Cascade is that? The subtle variegation is stunning!


The yarn is so pretty, and the cardi design is very chic :)


Enjoy those new needles! They're so much fun!


I'm so jealous of you, those needles look awesome, they are SO pointy, gotta love it :) And I love what you're knitting, I have that same shade of Cascade, and still haven't found a good pattern for it, but I love what you've got there!


look at all the needles!!!!!!

Silver Ilix

I am waiting for some of my Christmas money to return from Knitpicks! Awesome needles!

BTW I think all the kids look great in their sweaters! You rock Mom!


Oh my goodness! Needle envy! You lucky thing you.


That cardi will be beautiful on Kaelen! Look at all those needles! Seems like you're all set for another full year of lovely knits.

Happy New Year!


I wouldn't bring those big needles on a plane :) Wow! I just rounded out my needle collection a bit, and it's nice to know I have almost everything I need for any project.

The sweater looks wonderful! The green is really pretty, and the cables look great.


I can't wait to see the finished sweater. What a beautiful color of green. Kaelen is lucky to have such a talented momma. I just got the knitpick set for christmas, I am sure it won't be long until I am adding to it.


Wow! That's an impressive crop of new needles!

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