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January 03, 2008



Happy New Year! Sounds like a lot of great plans you have there. Have you tried cloth diapers before? I used them for the first two, but gave up with baby #3. I'm thinking about going back to cloth for this new little one. :0)


The cloth diapers might just do the trick of convincing Fiona to try the toilet :) Looking forward to all your backlog of FOs. I just finished posting my own backlog too.


I love the happy color of your Ribbi Cardi! It brightens up the gray weather considerably.

Oh, and if you find a vegan or vegetarian cookbook or other recipe collection that doesn't heavily rely on soy/tofu products or have peppers in every recipe (onions I can work around), please let me know! Between my soy intolerance and DH's food allergies, going completely vegetarian is going to be an interesting challenge.


Yay, vegetarians! I'll have to do a cookbook roundup post on my favorites. I have yet to do any resolutions, so you're ahead of me.

We cloth diaper and love it. Are you going the traditional prefold route? I was very inept with those, and ended up relying on my all-in-ones (yay, bumgenius!). It's been a year and we still love them.


I like your simple goal.... :) We all need to "just get more done"!


I've been meaning to comment on this post. I really like your lack of resolutions per se. Now that I have a child, what you said about your biggest work being to develop healthy children and healthy relationships, really rings true for me as well. Everything else is gravy. I love it! It really puts things into perspective and you learn how to prioritize...something that I am figuring out in this new role of mine.

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