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January 18, 2008



I am addicted to Goodwill sweaters!! I think I'm saving money, which I suppose I am, but everytime I go in there, I have to scour the sweaters and I always find at least one sweater that I think will be great. Another $5-7. I just told my husband that I would make a commitment to him not to buy another sweater from Goodwill until I can loose 8 more pounds.


Love those socks... I'm thinking about doing that pattern myself and seeing yours pushes me in that direction even more!


The socks look real cozy and comfy and the best compliment is constant wearing of the handknits :) As for not buying yarn till April, I know you can do it!


Hee hee hee, I remember last year when you said you were not going to stop buying yarn. Yah, watch out for those loopholes! But hey, buying yarn is better than a lot of other addictions!


Yeah I gotta ease up on the yarn purchases too. It's a bit crazy. Especially after the WH incident.

The socks look very cozy! The pastaza cables beautifully!


Those socks look great. I like the color very much. I'm glad he likes them so much, that he even wants another pair! I completely understand your yarn diet. I just ordered some more fiber, just because it was so beautyful, even though I don't need more for a long time. Couldn't help myself. It really is getting out of hand. I think I'll join you, and don't buy any more yarn or fiber for a while. :o) Good luck!

Silver Ilix

Hey, those are some nice man socks! They rock!
Wow, you have sure spelled out your challenge! Way to go! Don't be a hero though, everyone need some yarn therapy onece in a while. I suggest you give your-self two free passes for guilt free yarn grabbing (above and beyond what you have already stated) Then you will be thinking about it too.... you will want to buy something that will be a ............... CPH or a specific thing in your queue. ( This is the way I think I am going to do it.)
Are you going to join the de-stash 2008 group on Ravelry?


Fabulous socks! So cozy looking!


So nice to have a finished object be as loved by the recipient! Good luck with your yarn diet. Willpower!!


Those look so warm and comfy!


The socks are lovely!

I put myself on a yarn diet for a whole year. I am not going to beat myself up if I break down, but at worst I will still spend less than if I didn't have a non-spending goal. Having a couple (or 10) loopholes is the only way to go :)


those look super cozy!!! you can do it - april is not that far away!!!


I love all your loopholes.


I love all your loopholes.


Sounds like a good challenge. I think the loopholes will make it do-able :) Have you seen the Mission Possible knit-from-stash challenge for the year? I just posted about my goals on my blog. Might help you get to April!


The socks look very cozy! Good luck with that yarn diet....

Fiber Chic

The color of those socks reminds me of fuzzy, wooley moss! Hope you make your goal of not buying any more yarn for a while! I'm rooting for you (as I peek around etsy for some more yarn!)


The socks are beautiful! The color gives the cables such depth. I. has been hinted that he wants a pair of hand-knit socks too...more opportunity to buy sock yarn, no? :) I'm on a semi-yarn diet too...I took a look at my stash the other day and it started to scare me how many potential projects I already have on hand...

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