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January 29, 2008



ooh, hard choice. I like both cardis.


That's tough, they're both really nice, but if I had to choose, I think I'd go with the Best Friend Cardi. It's amazing the ideas kids get in their heads. :0)


Oh definately the Best Friend's cardigan, although I like the orange one too. Funny how little ones never want to wear clothes when it is freezing cold.


oh my gosh - it must have been frustrating at the time, but I can only imagine a naked toddler in the snow!!!!

i like the VK sweater better. somehow I have never gotten into those HUGE cables....


Oh man, i can't wait for that stage of parenting.
I think I like the fitted and structured aspect of Best Friend cardigan better- look how this girl dresses it up!
I think the seed stitch jacket would swallow me whole, but then that could be very cozy.
Now I want to knit a sweater for myself... so many knitting firsts still to conquer.
Good luck either way!


The snow is beautiful!

That is too funny about your daughter wanting to go outside sans pants. My nephew, too, would rather be nekkid, regardless of the weather.

That is too bad about you eBay account getting hacked into. I had a similar issue, but it was somehow caught by eBay before orders could be placed, but it took me quite a while to get everything settled and my account reactivated.


Oh my goodness! Look at all that snow! I can stay in the North and experience deep snow. I don't want to come to the balmy lower mainland and see snow! Arrrrgh! It's a diabolical plan, I know it... Warm up those grandkids. The only thing that can make up for the lousy weather is lots of hugging and kissing and cuddling with my sweaty, dirty, delightful grandbabies.... the disgruntled grandma


Now that we've moved to the South, I sort of miss the snow. Weird, I know.

Hahaha on nude toddlers in the snow! I guess when you always emphasize the need for hats and boots in the snow, the essentials get de-prioritized.

I had an eBay issue a couple of years ago. I went to list some yarn I was destashing and was told my account had been suspended for violating their policies. Someone had used my account to list some computers inappropriately. They were nice and fixed it quickly, but it's disturbing that it apparently happens so frequently.

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