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January 30, 2008



Well, Lochschal is a nice consolation, even if the hat is awful. :0) Good for you winning the clothing battle!


Aww, Fiona's already giving Mom fits ;) Hehe..on the sock modeling! Can't wait to see them!


I just love that she wanted to play in the snow wanting to wear just her boots and coat!


I can't wait to see the socks!


Fiona's face says it all! Yay, snow! I'm so glad she said she'd even wear pants this time. :)


:) she looks toasty warm in her pants and snow duds....battle well won! All those WIP's - you'll get through them one by one....that hat does look cute on Rav - interesting that it just doesn't work "in person"


Sorry the hat is a loser, but can you send some snow my way? I'd love a snow day!!!!


Sorry about the hat (though it is nice to know I am not the only one who ends up with loser projects). Can't wait to see the socks :)


Sad that the hat didn't work out. At least it's not something bigger, like a sweater. But look at that cutie you have! She's adorable.

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