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July 14, 2008



Glad to have you back! It looks like the move went well. The kids look happy. =) Love the socks!


Pretty socks!! Glad you're back! We've missed you too! :)


Welcome back! It's nice to see what you're up to - maybe you could share some more pictures of your new place? :0)


Welcome back! It's lovely to see what you're up to. Gorgeous socks, gorgeous garden, gorgeous Simon, gorgeous Fiona!

Silver ilix

These are great photos.... I love your socks, but the family shots are great too! You are right, I can't do that.....


Nice to have you back. Those socks are sweet, and the garden looks like tons of fun. My dh is like yours, he loves to get his hands in the dirt and make things beautiful. I like to sit near him and supervise ;)


Where did you put that garden in? I can't remember seeing a spot that big anywhere... I can do Fiona's trick, but when I do it, I put my back out, get dizzy and wake up on the floor wondering what happened! Simon's eating habits aren't too much of a surprise...but really, yeesh! Nice to see the socks finished. Arlis


How cute Fiona is! I think I'd stick to the cookie hand if I were Simon. :P

The socks turned out wonderful, I love how the stripes ease from color to color.


I am so glad to see you back! I have been regularly checking in wand was so happy to see your post! The kids look so good.

I have heard that dirt is full of wonderful nutrients. :)


There's something about kids and dirt :)


Yes! Kids love cookies and dirt equally (mine, anyway). Lovely socks!


Glad you are back! Fiona is so cute!


So glad you are back! What perfect day! Everyone seems so happy! Chris loves gardening too and I love that in him- it's this wonderful balance of getting dirty and working, yet being patient and nuturing life from the earth, that is very attractive.

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