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July 31, 2008


Diana Loper

It's so awesome when someone appreciates handknits. The shawl looks great; I love that shade of green.

Silver ilix

That looks both amazing, and great on her too! Gorgeous!


Wow. That's absolutely stunning in that yarn. She looks absolutely thrilled to have it too!


This is a favorite of mine. You can never make too many of this beautiful shawl.


So beautiful!! Great gift!


Oh, your MIL is lovely and so happy with her wrap. That color works very well for her... wonderful!


that is beautiful!!!!


It is just lovely and is perfect on your MIL.


the shetland triangle looks lovely!


Very pretty! She seems to really love it, and it looks great on her.


Gorgeous! You can tell by the smile on your mother-in-law's face that she loves it.


So pretty! It looks like your mother in law really loves it!


Aw, it looks so great on her! Very very pretty!


That's beautiful! Aunty Marg looks great too! (my mum is jealous of how good she looks, and i told her to relax because she will always be younger...!)

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