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August 28, 2008



LOVE the photos of your sweet kiddies.


Cute, cute and cute!!! Oh yeah, cute too.


so adorable!


What sweeeet pictures!!! Love Fiona's outfit!


Goodness me, you take the most wonderful kid pictures. Granted, it's easy when the kids in question are this cute and well-dressed, but still... those are amazing.


I have the cutest (and dirtiest) grandkids in the WORLD!!!! Why do you live so far away? I miss them soooooooo much and now I can never see them (except thru your adorable pics which is better than nothing but just barely). I MISS MY BABIES AND THIS REALLY SUCKS!!!!!!!! but I'm not bitter. Arlis


You have the most adorable brood! Very cute pictures. I can't believe how big Simon!


Oh my goodness, I am gone for a few days and look at all you have done! Love the little outfit. You have the sweetest little children. It's so great that they get to explore nature in their new home!


Oh they are such cute kids!!


Is Simon walking?! When did this happen? Please say it wasn't when y'all were still here, cause that would make me a bad relative! I love Finona's outfit. Making children's clothing is the best.

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