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September 02, 2008



Love the Shetland Triangle!! The other sneak peeks look good as well! Look forward to seeing them finished ;)


You have some great projects there! You always use the most lovely yarn. :0)


you've got the most beautiful projects going...gorgeous patterns and yummy yarn...I feel a nip in the air and your blog has me getting ready to dust off my needles. They've been hiding all summer:)


It is beautiful. The color reminds me of the sea.


Wow, lots of lovely projects! I love the new shawl.


Lots of unfinished projects...just like home. Procrastination must be a family trait. Haven't had occasion to wear my new scarf yet, but it won't be long because the furnace has been kicking in. Thought I should write and let you know that your Dad is looking for a manly scarf to keep his neck, chest and face warm on the bike. It probably wouldn't be used this year but could be appreciated for the next biking season. Arlis

Silver Ilix

That shetland Triangle looks great! What a fantastic way to use up some wonderful stash!

mary lou

Beautiful shawl, Areli. Is there a Button Button store in New Brunswick?


Love the Shetland Triangle! Wool silk cashmere blend... I bet it's soft and has the prettiest sheen. It's beautiful.


That shawl is such a gorgeous rich color, beautiful!! I'm really looking forward to seeing your Brea bag, it looks very complex.


The shetland Triangle looks so pretty! You mom is going to love it. Lots of beautiful blue yarns here:)One of my favorite colors are in the Berroca and Jaeger yarns.

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