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October 14, 2008



Darned if she isn't just the cutest thing!!


That is just the cutest dress, worn by a very chuffed looking sweetheart. I've told Jon that when we move I want to get a sewing machine to have a go at making some clothes!


What an adorable kid! Who knew she would clean up so nice? So sweet looking... hmmmm... The dress is cute, but the baby makes the clothes. What can I say... Love ya, Arlis


Fiona looks adorable in that sweet pink dress!!


It's a sweet dress and she looks so cute in it. Love her little pony tails too


Cute child, cute dress :) Even with the nightmare pattern...well, I couldn't tell since I don't sew, but it turned out great.


Well, way to make bad directions turn out great! I love the fabric you used, and it's just the perfect little dress on her!

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glamorous baby!

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i so want to hug and kiss you baby..

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I'll be watching out for the old sewing projects. Count me in, I've already bookmarked your blog. God Bless:)

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