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The pattern is Skully from Stitch'n Bitch. The yarn is Gjestal Naturgarn No.1.

I bought the yardage the pattern called for plus an extra skein and still ran out of yarn. Here's a link to a post that showed my leftovers, scroll down a bit, it's the 2nd picture.

I did make some changes that probably led to yarn shortage, but they were needed. The pattern had an armscythe depth of 16 inches. I though that was not going to be comfortable so I changed it to 18 inches. I didn't do a 3-needle bindoff on the shoulder seams, I decided to use mattress stitch as I think that seaming gives the bulky sweater more stability. The pattern asks you to pick up stitches for the arms and then knit down, but if I had felt comfortable enough with doing it on my own, I would have knit the sleeves separately and then seamed them to the sweater. I don't re