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Go Everywhere, Go With Everything Cardigan

Go Everywhere, Go With Everything Cardigan

I finaly finished this sweater! I started it last October and now it's done just five months and a bit later.

The actual knitting only took about a month, but the finishing I really procrastinated on. I think the reason I took so long is I was rather unsure of how it would turn out. I didn't like the yarn it was very scratchy, and the style is frumpy on me, although I didn't acknowledge that until I was mostly done the knitting. Then it just sat for a couple months waiting for the seaming and then the crochet edging (which is pretty sloppy, crochet is not something I am well practised at). Finally, it took me another two months to get the buttons. Now that it is done I like it better than I thought it would although it is definitely an around the house sweater!