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Child's Placket Sweater

Child's Placket Sweater

And a finished Child's Placket Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. This knit up so very quickly and then just sat for a while waiting for buttons. Finally, yesterday, I took down my button jar to see what I could find, but nothing seemed to work. The 1/4 inch buttons looked to small to suit the sweater. I had some larger buttons that looked nicer, but of course I had knit the pattern to use the 1/4 inch buttons and there are no buttonholes. Hmmmm...I thought about sewing the buttons on and then using snaps to close it, but then I looked at the sweater again and decided it doesn't need buttons. I showed it to Peter and after he snickered a little bit (he snickers every time he looks at this sweater, I'm not sure what his problem with it is) he said no it definitely didn't need buttons. So, Yay, it's done now :-)

I used recycled Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for this little guy. I had originally knit the yarn up as a pullover for Fiona, but after all of her wearing, it had ended up looking tatty and pilly and not very pass-downable. I didn't think recycling it would work, I thought the new sweater would look pilly right away, but it actually looks pretty good. And seeing as it's knit at a tighter gauge, I am hoping it will stay nice longer.

And for sentimental reasons, I am glad I reused the yarn. This was the first nice yarn I ever bought to knit the first sweater I ever knit. The yarn store didn't have the greatest color selection, so I chose this color, thinking that I could pass down the sweater to another baby if Peter and I ever had one. So even though the first sweater only went through one child, the yarn will still go through two, and besides now it's been knit with love twice so it's doubly good. And recycled Cashmerino Aran is still just as yummy to knit with as fresh Cashmerino Aran :-)